• How High?

    UK Law and CAA guidelines stipulate a maximum altitude of 400ft (120m). Higher altitudes can be achieved but this requires additional approval.

  • How Far?

    Unmanned Aerial Systems are allowed to fly up to 500m away from pilot position.

  • Flying behind buildings?

    No. Visual line of sight must be maintained at all times.

  • Flying at organised or public events?

    For crowds of less than 1,000 people the aircraft distance must be a minimum of 50m away and cannot fly over anyone not under our control; for crowds of over 1,000 this increases to 150m.

  • Locations?

    Our licence permits UK operation however we must obtain landowner permission for takeoff and landing.

  • Rain?

    No. The lens gets covered in water within 2 seconds of launch.

  • Wind?

    Flying in wind-speeds of under 15 mph produces very stable footage, however wind speeds of over 20 mph are technically restrictive.

  • No Fly Zones

    In Britain there are various types of airspace in which we cannot fly,  known as no fly zones. Unlicensed operators are not allowed to fly in these areas however for most areas we are able to obtain permission. We will additionally complete any risk assessments and fulfil staff requirements to make the operation safe.


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